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Brokerage Services


Tactical Armored Vehicles

armored vehicles.png

Please contact us for the purchase of 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 tactical armored vehicles serving different purposes.

Armored Vehicles

Drone Systems

drone systems_edited.jpg
tethered drone.png
armed drone 1.png
armed drone 2.png

Fire extinguisher drones, reconnaissance surveillance drones, armed drones, tethered drones and many more... For further details please contact us.  

Drone Systems

Tactical Ballistic Protection Products

tactical ballistic vest.png
tactical ballistic helmet.png
tactical ballistic plate.png

Contento Consultancy finds and sends personal ballistic protected products that meet different NIJ and STANAG criteria according to your request. Please contact for more detailed information.

Tactical Ballistic Protection

Military Communications

radios and batteries

Thanks to our vast experience in military communications, we are honored to assist you in radio and satellite communications. Please contact for detailed information.

Military Communications
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